Sensory-rich Outdoor Spaces - Early Years

Sensory-rich Outdoor Spaces – Early Years

20th June 2018
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Offering children a sensory-rich outdoor space is a vital part of any early years setting. Children use all of their senses to learn, to explore their environment, explore their creativity, problem solve and so much more!

Traditionally we think of the senses as being sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing, but there are two more senses that are equally is important, especially in child development, the Vestibular Sense – movement and balance, and the Proprioceptive Sense – body awareness.

A well-designed outdoor play space will ensure that children’s senses are stimulated on many different levels, enabling them to develop vital skills and behaviours that will shape them for later life. So, with this in mind it’s really important that we invest the necessary time and resources into creating an outdoor play space that will provide the children with the opportunities and experiences that they deserve.


Sensory-rich play is high on our agenda when we’re designing an early years outdoor play space, giving maximum consideration to the three prime areas of the EYFS.

A bespoke design allows us to incorporate sensory specific zones and ensure that other play features across the space are sensory-rich, providing the children with a fully immersive learning and development experience.

Looking to develop a sensory-rich outdoor play space? Contact us to find out more…in the meantime, above you’ll find just a few features taken from some of the early years projects that we’ve recently designed and built.