Princess Anne, Elephants and Greenspan

Princess Anne, Elephants and Greenspan

28th November 2015
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Princess Anne, Elephants and Greenspan. Not the typical three things you would expect to see as a blog title, but believe it or not, we have some exciting news that links all three.

On 17th, December, Princess Anne will be officially opening the Elephant Centre at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, in Wraxall.

Noah’s Ark Zoo is one of North Somerset’s most popular tourist attractions and the Elephant Eden Centre at Noah’s Ark is nothing short of spectacular, in fact, it is the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe. The centre has modern specialised facilities and is home to elephants from all ages and backgrounds.


So, how are we involved in this? Here at Greenspan we have been honoured to work closely with the owner of Noah’s Ark, to design a totally bespoke play feature. We have listened to his vision and have created something to fit his exact requirements.

For the Grand Opening of the Elephant Centre, we have built a life-sized African Elephant.
This will be a completely bespoke play feature. Children will be able to climb inside the Elephant’s mouth, slide through the body and emerge from its rear end!

We are very excited for the grand opening of the centre, to keep updated, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.