Why we're passionate about Robinia Wood

Why we’re passionate about Robinia Wood

30th October 2017
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When it comes to raw materials, quality is extremely important to us at Greenspan. Our pre-contract team work incredibly hard to ensure that only the best raw materials are sourced for use on our projects.

We love natural materials and Robinia, a European hardwood, is a real favourite of ours, why? Because it has some wonderful qualities that provide beautiful, long-lasting results.

Why we use Robinia:

• Approved and sustainably sourced
• Durable/natural longevity
• High resistance against wood-destroying fungi/insects
• High strength-value and high density

What’s more is that it looks exquisite, making it perfect for our landscape and playground construction projects.



We were really excited to receive our latest delivery of Robinia. This beautiful wood is ready to be crafted and incorporated into our fabulous design and build, bespoke projects.


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