Staff Testimonials

What some of our staff say…

"We at Greenspan recognise and acknowledge that our success as a company is largely due to our staff, and our commitment to obtaining good staff can be traced to our simple base philosophy 'hire for attitude, train for ability.' Qualities we look out for and expect in engaging a new team member would be loyalty, honesty, integrity, ability to work in a team, and the readiness to learn. A respect for the company ethos and a ‘can do’, positive, customer facing attitude contribute to these qualities."

Peter Morton | Chairman

"I am very proud to be part of a well-respected and successful company such as Greenspan.  We welcome new challenges which push the boundaries of how we can deliver excellence to our customers and produce amazing results.  I also get to work with a fantastic team of people who are passionate about what they do.  The company is growing and moving forward and the future is full of great opportunities."

Penny | Office Administrator

"I joined Greenspan Projects in November 2011 and have been privileged to be part of the ‘engine room’, finding new opportunities that have seen the business grow rapidly over the last three years. There is great sense of ‘Team Spirit’ at Greenspan, we all rely on and support each other in working to achieve our goals and succeed in a continually challenging world. The company is led by directors who are patient, supportive, caring, and inspirational and who genuinely want the best for their staff. I would describe Greenspan as a go-ahead, dynamic, resourceful company, full of ideas, solutions and inspiration where there is a huge variety of work – a great place to work at all times."

Garth | Business Development Executive

"We have a great variety of projects going on at any one time, from sports court surfacing to zoo animal enclosures, from playground equipment to theme parks - we cover it all; and it’s great because every day offers something new and every project a different challenge. It’s great to be involved in every project, contributing along the way to ensure everything is as it should be. Being able to see the job through from start to finish and seeing the change in the landscape gives you a fantastic sense of achievement. It’s always nice to be appreciated and thanked for the good work, the additional recognition outside of the salary goes a long way to let you know that you are a valued member of the team. The team BBQ is always a nice touch."

Charles | Design Manager

"Greenspan is a unique and inspiring place to work with lots of opportunities for progression. The atmosphere is pumped and the projects we undertake are undeniably creative and varied. As a junior member of the team with a mixed role, I have great respect for the Directors and their interest, kindness, generosity and investment in me as an employee. We have a great team here with a good humoured and experienced character assortment. The team spirit is emphasised and rewarded, and the working lunches are second to none!"

Brook | Pre Contract Team