Our Suppliers

At Greenspan Projects Ltd we appreciate the value of building and maintaining relationships with a robust supply chain of preferred subcontractors and suppliers. We adopt a strategic approach when selecting our supply chain partners and choose only those who clearly demonstrate that they have the skills, capabilities and relevant qualifications to satisfy or exceed our expectations and those of our customers.

Management of our supply chain is centred on the collaboration of all parties to enable the development of long-term relationships that will offer our clients exceptional value, high quality and performance, and peace of mind.

Our aspiration is for these relationships to help continuously improve Greenspan by raising levels of performance in all aspects of our business, including sustainability, quality and installation.

This can only be achieved by working together as a team and harnessing the expertise, innovation and value creation our like-minded supply chain will provide.

We have an extensive network of suppliers who make a valuable contribution to the continued success of our business.

We believe that we should treat others as we would like to be treated, and our supplier relationships
are built around accuracy, honesty, integrity, openness and respect.

We expect:

  • We expect our suppliers and contractors to uphold our values and principles.
  • We expect our suppliers to deliver on time every time.
  • We expect respect for our sites.
  • We expect obedience, honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • We expect a ‘can do’ attitude.

We believe:

  • We believe that insisting on these key features we will improve the lives of our clients, staff and the wider community.
  • We believe that in caring for our suppliers and subcontractors and providing technical back-up, our high achieving work ethic is transferred.

We promise:

  • We promise we will pay approved invoices on time.
  • We promise to offer a safe working environment.
  • We promise a fair trading relationship.